The wine has to be tasty
and the service tasteful.

Our gastronomy customers appreciate wide selection of wines, including the carefully selected international range we have developed over many years. In addition to our dedicated winemakers and producers, we like to share with you the exciting newcomers we’ve discovered, to provide you with additional variety and inspiration for your wine list. We don’t just want to impress you with great wines and fair prices: we’re also there, close at hand, to offer advice and support. Because we like to visit our customers and are often on location, we can also provide individual solutions, delivered quickly and flexibly, to meet hospitality requirements.

Our storage and logistic capabilities ensure we can best meet your needs. We always provide a reliable service in addition in addition to excellent wines, which have resulted in long term partnerships with our customers. We look forward to responding to your future wine questions with enriching answers.

Our broad range of wines and the variety of winemakers with whom he work allow you to bring together a very individual selection, suitable for the cuisine, matching the preferences of your guests and your surroundings. In addition, when you create your wine portfolio with us, we ensure that attractive revenue prospects present themselves.