Our in-house winery offers you unique prospects.


While Hamburg has been a city of wine merchants and cellars for centuries, in the last few decades almost all bottlers have closed their doors. Our 200 square metre cellar is equipped with stainless steel tanks and barriques, a state-of-the-art filling plant and order picking systems. This facilitates the maturation and filling of fine Rotspon and other international wines in Hamburg-Billbrook.

In addition to our exclusive brands, we can produce individual fillings for you, a service available for even small manageable quantities. Wines from Germany, France and other winegrowing regions are available for this.


Waterkant Wine Bottlers

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Rotspon from Hamburg

L'Essence du Terroir

Get more information info@kemnitz-weinimport.de or Tel: 040 797 55 74 0